Eikel Venegas


Trumpet (Cuba)


Eikel started his music career in 2000 at the age of 18 when he performed in the Army Band for 4 years. At the end of the military service he received different offers from several bands around Cuba due to his excellent musical preparation gained during the time spent in the Army.

In 2005 he auditioned in front of the National Commission of the Cuban Institute of Music where musicians formally achieve the title of professional recognized musician, he gained the title with distinction. In 2004, he moved to England, determined to succeed in the London Latin scene. He has played with several successful acts such as Victor Hugo, Omar Puente, Robin Del Castillo, Luis Lema, Chacon and bands such as Palenke, Ska Cubano, Brazillian Funk band Yarabi , Tequila Mariachi and many more. He has been recording for ‘Rhythms Del Mundo’ in one of the songs in which Mick Jagger is the leading singer. On one occasion he performed at BBC for the ‘Zingzillas’ Serie 1 Episode 16 (2010). He has also taken part at the BBC Drama series, 'The Hour' (2011) performing with his band F.R.E.D.

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